About the Yavne Association which embraces lone soldiers

Chabibi-Yavne embraces lone soldiers” (AR 580651354), was established in the city of Yavne by a group of retired military, police and other social activists to honor and care for the well-being of the lone soldiers serving in the IDF for the state.

Today, the IDF has more than 6,000 lone soldiers, some of whom come to us from all over the world and some of whom are Israelis without a family background.

The association has 4 spacious apartments equipped with the latest equipment that constitute a home in the full sense of the word for 22 male and female soldiers.

The association provides soldiers with a warm home, food and equipment and constitutes a second family that supports them throughout their military service and also in the first year after their release from the army.

The association operates on a fully voluntary basis and thanks to donations from members organizations and good people from all over the country and abroad.

It is important for us to emphasize that we do not have any recipients of salary or reimbursement in the association, all of our activities are fully voluntary.

The goals of the association:

  1. To create a supportive framework for female and male soldiers recognized by the IDF as “lone soldiers”
  2. Provide  lone soldiers with a single roof and a hostel throughout their military service and also after their release.
  3. Harness the community in and out of the city for volunteer activities for the benefit of the male and female soldiers and make their stay during the holidays pleasant.
  4. Accompany the  lone soldiers throughout their military service and assist them in whatever is necessary with the military authorities and with the civilian institutions.
  5. To assist female and male soldiers to be absorbed into society even after their release from the IDF.
  6. To instill in the men and women the values of Zionism, love of the people and the country, contribution and integration into the community, mutual respect and independence.

We need donations and additional volunteers to help us expand our activities and give more and more to the lone soldiers in the IDF and help them adapt to life in the country independently.

Volunteering  for lone soldiers

Citizens volunteering for lone soldiers – let’s not leave them alone!

The activity of the association relies on the generosity of your hearts as donors and volunteers.

Most of the lone soldiers come from abroad to serve in the IDF.

Lone Soldier Adoption

Let’s help together soldiers without a family background who need a warm and loving home that will allow them to complete full and proper military service.

You can adopt a single soldier /Adopt lone soldier through a donation to single soldiers, the donation will qualify you and obligate us to take care of another single soldier.

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Lone Soldiers

Chabibi Association is an adoptive family for lone soldiers, here you receive assistance, adoption,  provision of a warm home and a Shabbat dinner for lone soldiers.

The members of the association and its volunteers take care of your personal well-being, helping every single soldier with love throughout their service and in the first year after their release.

The goal of adopting a single soldier is considered in our eyes to be as great a privilege as a moral obligation.

Do not hesitate to contact us!


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