Our Soldiers

The association today houses 22 lone soldiers, 4 of them are female soldiers

Alongside that, the association continues to stay in touch and assist 20 additional soldiers who used to stay in the apartments, finished their military service and went on their own way, in Israel or their countries of origin.

60% of the soldiers who were/are staying in the apartments are lone soldiers who arrived from abroad, from different countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, France and more.

 40% of the soldiers are Israelis who have been defined as lone soldiers due to lack of familial support.

The association stays in touch with the families of the lone soldiers who came from abroad and strives to be their second family, and in some cases a first family.

The soldiers are motivated, and most serve in top quality combat units.

We have soldiers in Golani, the Paratroopers, Kfir, Hanahal, the Air Force and more units.

The association allows the soldiers to stay in the apartments up to a year after their release from the army in order to assist them to adjust to the civil life.

The association is proud and cherishes all of its lone soldiers.