Soldiers’ stories


Moving to yavne and getting adopted by the association was the best decision I made in Israel. Finally coming home after a hard week or two on base to a furnished apartment, food, and friends every week is something not every lone soldier has. I  am blessed to have found such a great group of people that really open their hearts and homes to us. I am forever grateful to them!


I came to the association through Matthew, and according to what he said, I didn’t really believe that such association made sense. Personally, the day I first came to the apartment, I thought it was really not real, it looked too good, not to mention what I knew before in the military, so in general …. My experience was really positive, to feel that there really are people who care about us, the soldiers, and are ready Make us feel like we’re actually home. The whole investment whether it be trips, birthdays, holidays when you invite us, or the simplest thing, to talk to us so that we can sometimes have a company, is an amazing thing to me, and I really appreciated it and appreciated … wonderful people who are dear to them are the soldiers, and I am glad that there are soldiers who can appreciate what the association gives and see that it is a unique thing. Thank you so much for letting me be a part.


My experience from the association is difficult to record in a few words, because the experience is enormous! I came in as the first soldier, a little anxious and a little shy but the warmth and love and the feeling of home from day one, I did not get anywhere! Soon everyone was in a hurry to take care of me and ask how I was, which reassured me greatly. I came from a background I went through full of frameworks in life, and in the period before entering the apartment I had an unpleasant experience and was close to being left without a place to stay, so I won and managed to get into this precious association. I was in the association for a year and a half of my service, thanks to the association that gave me the peace of mind that I do have a place to put my head where I also got to finish my service properly. At the association I received all the warmth and love it takes to get motivated, the association has definitely contributed significantly to me. In addition, in the economic, social, family pan, take care of us as much as possible so that nothing is missing! Which is not obvious. After the service, the association allowed me to stay another year after discharge, and have time to save and prepare for the citizenship that awaits me outside. A total of two and a half years I have been within the association, and these are the two and a half years that I will remember fondly for a lifetime and the association is truly a very significant part of my life to this day, even after a year the association takes care to ask how we are!


When I first heard about the association I thought to myself “why should I move to a new place with people I don’t know, when I can stay where I am now”? I live in an association in Givatayim with people who are already my friends and I have become quite used to the situation. I have a room alone, food when I get home, and friends to hang out with. But something was missing during my stay in the apartment, beyond all these things I was missing something. Or rather someone. I had to feel that someone really cared if I ate or not, if I got home safely, if I got stuck somewhere and I have no way to get home, someone I can trust in any situation no matter what. This was my first impression of the apartment when I met and spoke with the association’s psychological Einat. From the first conversation I understood that these are people of a different kind, those who just want to do good and help in everything possible: food, clothes, medicine, a warm home, military areas, accompaniment to ceremonies and events. Even after military service the association allowed me to stay in the apartment for another year so that I could save money and get a soft landing for citizenship. During my military service as a soldier I experienced a difficult period, you could say that without the help of the association I would have been lost. Luckily my first conversation was with Yossi Cohen (the association’s operations manager and the soldiers’ father) who came to me together with the association’s head (Hai Ben Israel). They both supported me and helped me for a long time, and showed me an amount of love and giving that is not seen every day.


A lone soldier who served two years in the NAHAL division, I went through a significant portion of the service with the association, which supported me and helped in the difficult moments. “Yavneh embraces lone soldiers” will always remain in my heart as one of the best associations where to transfer the service as a lone soldier. Thanks to the people who help the association, I always felt at home when I returned to the apartment in Yavne. To this day, I miss the special people who make up the association, and recommend for anyone who needs a safe place and a good atmosphere. Love you one by one and just waiting to return to the country to come visit everyone.


I had several apartments during my military service and I certainly felt most comfortable in the association’s apartment in Yavne, in terms of quality of life and in addition a supportive and warm environment.


I arrived in the city of Yavne after a time when I was a lone soldier and had to look for apartments. When I arrived and the members of the association welcomed me, I realized that we were now a family. The house was amazing, everything I needed after two weeks at the base. In addition to that, the neighbors’ attitude to us was amazing. We were welcomed with love and joy. Members of the association have proven themselves once and for all as a supportive and full framework for giving and everything for us. The lone soldiers. Even now, a year and a half I don’t live in Yavne we’re in contact. They accompany me alive even years after.


The organization of the lone soldiers in Yavne is amazing. The apartments are very nice and they help us with everything we need. Food every Saturday, grocery runs, trips, conversation with our military commanders. Everything. 5 stars!