Association Friends

The association receives assistance in several fields:

  1. Monterey donations.
  2. Assistance with regulatory governmental authorities.
  3. Providing free services
  4. Preparation of meals for the soldiers.
  5. Mentoring of soldiers.
  6. Hosting soldiers during weekends and holidays.
  7. Organization of events for the soldiers.
  8. Other issues which arise from time to time.  
Anyone interested in helping and volunteering in any activity is welcome to contact us via “Contact”

Among the friends of the association:

Orbotech Systems – A close friend of the association, who always helps and adopts the soldiers.

Yehuda and Dita Bronitzki – Israel Awards recipients for promotion of education and industry, who have been members and supporters of the association since its inception.

cellcom communications – which provides the soldiers’ three apartments with free TV and Internet services.

Ms. Hanna Kanner – Providing fiscal and accounting services for the association.

“Hadrech Lalechem” bakery – Providing pastries and baking goods during weekends, for the benefit of the soldiers. 

Coffee Lyon – Hosting events of the association and providing discount for the soldiers.

“Lazuz” Gym – Allowing free entrance for the soldiers.

Yavne Water Park – Allowing free entrance for the soldiers.

Anani Family – Mentoring and hosting soldiers on a regular basis.