Passover event - April 2024

The association "Yavne Welcomes Lone Soldiers" - Habibi - held a toasting event for Passover at the Water Park in Yavne last Friday. The event was attended by the Mayor Mr. Roei Gabbai, Rabbi Chaim Segal, the soldiers of the association, members of the association and our many volunteers. At the occasion, we reviewed the events of the war and the various volunteering activities for the soldiers that the association has initiated and participated in. Greetings and holiday gifts (from the association and the KLA company) were given to the soldiers. We also said our farewells from Noy, a recently discharged soldier, and celebrated Michal's birthday. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to our volunteers. The chairman of the association Hai Ben Israel congratulated the mayor and thanked him for his continuous support along the way. Hai reviewed the many activities of our soldiers during the war and the assistance extended by the association to the its' soldiers and to many IDF units. In addition, the chairman presented the work being done to establish a distinct house for the lone soldiers, a home away from home and an inspiration for a voluntary service in the IDF. Mayor Roei Gabai described the activity of the association as a miracle operating for 7 years, and holding 4 apartments with 22 female and male soldiers, taking care of all their needs. The mayor supports the association's vision to establish a dedicated house for lone soldiers, that will operate in cooperation with the community in Yavne. The wonderful meal was prepared by members of the Nenatze’ach group who, since the beginning of the war, have been preparing meals for soldiers in the fields as well as for the wounded in the hospitals. The association thanks the members of the group for the rich and delightful meal. The evening ended with a prayer for the release of the hostages, the recovery of the wounded, and for wellness of all the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Toasting event for Rosh Hashanah and farewell to soldiers - September 2023

We gathered at the water park in Yavne to mark the approaching Rosh Hashanah and say goodbye to soldiers who were released and left the association: Lior, Steffi, Liam, Shimon and Sheilo who received a watch with a dedication from the association. We also celebrated the birthdays of Samuel and Michelle who celebrated their birthdays in September, we gave gifts for the holiday to all the soldiers and we gave our dear volunteers a bottle of wine. We were honored with their presence and brought the greetings of the mayor Mr. Roi Gabbai, Rabbi Haim Segal of Chabad , members of the association, soldiers and volunteers. Sharon Dayan brought the birthday cake prepared by Shuli Moalem from the group "Birthday Cake for Lone Soldiers by Zvika" Levy" and decorated by Sharon's own hands. In addition, Mrs. Doya Gov-Ari, who volunteers at the association, and the families of the fallen soldiers Uriel Malka and Matan Asa, We thank the water park in Yavne for hosting us today, and the "Cafe Lion" for providing the delicious refreshments at affordable prices. and the KLA company who gave the gift for the holiday and birthdays. We wish all of Beit Israel a happy and sweet new year.

Passover 2023 Wine Toast Event

On Saturday night we held a toasting event for Passover at the Anani family home, with the participation of the mayor, Mr. Roi Gabbai, his deputy, Mr. Moshe Chazut, together with the soldiers and members of the association. We had great celebration that included holiday blessings, and the association with support from KLA surprised the soldiers with holiday Gift Cards. The soldiers received a “preserved matzah” from Rabbi Segal (Yavne’s Chabad Rabbi). We also celebrated birthdays for Kate (one of the soldiers) and Jacob Perry (association member). A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Micha Malka, who volunteers at the association and always answer any call to fix any electricity issue free of charge for our soldiers. Throughout the evening we enjoyed delicious barbeque prepared by Rafi Anani. Many thanks to the Anani family for the hospitality and to all the participants. We wish the soldiers, the other participants and all of Beit Israel a happy Passover!

December 2022 - The evening of lighting the Hanukkah candles

On Saturday evening, we have lit the 7th candle of Hanukkah in the Shazar Matnas (Centre for Culture, Youth & Sports). Present were the soldiers and members of the association ("Amuttah"), representatives of the volunteers operating the Amuttah and representatives of the Navon and Malka families, who have given their names to two of the flats. Among the honorables who honoured us with their presence were the Mayor of Yavne, Mr. Roey Gabay, his deputy Mr. Moshe Hazut, Rabbi Lerer and Rabbi Haim Segal. Following the greetings, the soldier Shimon lit the Hanukkah candles with the traditional blessing, Rabbi Segal talked about the meaning of Hanukkah, we sang some Hanukkah songs, accompanied by Yaakov Perry (member of the Amuttah)on the accordion. The song "Tale of Latkes" was sung and litely performed by Zvia, the Spouse of the Amuttah Chairman and Gideon, a member of the Amuttah. The refreshments were provided by Cafe Lion, who has adopted the Amuttah since it was established more than 5 years ago. The Cafe has been providing refreshments to the Amuttah celebrations with a considerable discount. This year, as well, Doron Malka brought the family's famous Sfinges. Rosital Ben-Or Haddad, a teacher in the middle school, volunteered to pass the time with a laughter workshop. 7 soldiers were celebrating their birthday that evening and were offered a present from the Amottah and KLA, our partner in providing for the soldiers. The very special and tasty birthday cake was prepared with much love by Zippi Sibonni ("My Sweets") and her sister Shulli Hindi. Shulli is in charge of the volunteers of Yavne for the national organization of "A birthday cake for the single soldier". Excellence prizes were awarded to an officer and a soldier of the Amuttah - Zacaria and Lior - for excellent activities in their units. All of the soldiers were given a sweet present. This week, police superintendent Moshe Ben- Shabo, member of the Amuttah, has received a certificate of excellence, in the presence of the president of Israel. The soldier Lior congratulated Moshe and offered him a flower bouquet from all of us. At the end of the evening, all the participants were each offered a flowerpot of cyclamen, donated by Smadar and Gigi Navon. We do thank all the volunteers and all those who have contributed to a successful and enjoyable evening, including, of course, Smadar who runs the Matnass, for the hospitality and help in every way. A joyful Channukah!

September 2022 - Matan Asa House – Opening our 4th apartment and celebrating Jewish New Year

The Yavne Association for Lonely Soldiers opened a fourth apartment for six lonely solders in the “Green neighborhood” of Yavne. The apartment is named after the late Captain Asa Matan (fighter pilot in the Air Force), who died in the line of duty in 2008. Last Saturday, the soldiers, the members of the association and the Asa family, in the presence of the mayor, Mr. Haim Messing, the chief rabbi of the city, Rabbi David Abuhchira and Mrs. Doya Gov-Ari, parents of the other fallen soldiers after which the old apartments are named, gathered in the new house. Alon Asa (Matan Asa’s father), spoke about his son Matan, his service and revealed the house sign in his honor. The soldier Benji Goldberg, a lone soldier from Australia, was honored to set the mezuzah together with the rabbi of the city, Rabbi Abu Hachira. We got to know the new soldiers who recently joined, they were greeted by the Mayor, Mr. Messing, Mrs. Gov Ari and the chairman of the association Hai Ben Israel, who paid tribute to the mayor Mr. Zvi Gov-Ari, noting his support for the association since its inception and thanked all the other volunteers who were unable to attend at this time. Glasses and blessings were raised for the New Year (Rosh Hashanah) and refreshments were served. The soldiers received a gift for the holiday from the association, from the Asa family (a home fitness machine and a honeycomb), and from KLA, which has been supporting the association since its inception. Wishing you all a happy new year and raising a toast to the year ahead.

April 2022 - Pesach toast and awarding of study scholarships

In preparation for Passover, the association held an evening to award scholarships to two of its graduates and raise a toast for Passover. The evening was attended by current and former soldiers of the association, members of the association and volunteers. Yael and Shlomo Osher hosted us in their yard, it was an entertaining meeting which included greetings, awarding of scholarships, certificates of appreciation, distribution of holiday gifts to the soldiers, a lecture and amazing refreshments. Thanks to Nurit and her son Neta who contributed to the scholarships, to the volunteers, to the members of the association for the refreshments and help in making the evening a success, and to the hosts. Happy holiday to everyone and safe and satisfying service to the soldiers!

December 2021 - the evening of lighting the Hanukkah candles

The seventh candle of Hanukkah was lit with the participation of the soldiers in the association (current and former), members of the association and volunteers. The Tal’s family from Yavne’s “green neighborhood” hosted us in their home. The soldier Daniel blessed the candles and Rabbi Haim Segal told us about the meanings of Hanukkah. Yaakov, a member of the association, accompanied us on the accordion in a string of Hanukkah songs and we were treated to delicacies for the holiday. Doron Malka shared his memories about his late brother Uriel (after whom one of the soldiers' apartments is named). We thanked all the volunteers in the association, highlighting the women who cook every Friday food for the soldiers. The soldiers received gifts for the Hanukkah holiday. Outstanding soldiers received merit grants, and the soldiers who celebrated birthdays received a gift from the association and “Orbotech” company. It was a fun, happy and delicious evening. We thank Inbal and Doron for the excellent hospitality and everyone who contributed to the success of the evening.

August 2021 - Rosh Hashanah event

The Habibi Association gathered in the chairman’s (Hai) yard to raise a toast in honor of Rosh Hashanah. The association's soldiers (both in the present and past), members of the association and a small number of volunteers participated in the event. During the event the speakers congratulate everyone for happy Rosh Hashanah, and gave away holiday gift for all the soldiers, and a birthday gift for the soldiers who recently celebrated their birthday. We also said goodbye and farewell to one of the female soldiers who recently left. Lastly we also gave a gift with a greeting to the association's volunteers .During the event we had a musical break with accordion playing by Eitan who of course volunteered as well. We enjoyed a fun evening full of delicacies in a pleasant atmosphere, where we were all given the opportunity for a long conversation between volunteers and soldiers, some of whom are new to the organization. We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all volunteers and special thanks to Tzvia & Hai Ben-Israel for their perfect hospitality. We wish to all the soldiers, friends, volunteers and all the people of Israel, may we have a safe, healthy and successful year!

March 2021 - Greetings and raising a glass for Passover

On Saturday evening, the lone soldiers, members of the association and a number of volunteers of the association gathered to raise a glass for Passover eve. The evening opened with a stand-up performance by Matan Peretz, congratulations on the holiday, a holiday gift was given to each soldier as a gift from the association and a gift from the Orbotech company. We celebrated Bryce's birthday and enjoyed a meal of grilled meats plus delicacies brought by each association member and volunteer. It was a very enjoyable and happy evening, after the corona period we could not hold such evenings, of course the evening strengthened the connection and acquaintance between the new soldiers and members of the association. We thanked and presented certificates of appreciation to the volunteers who helped us hold the evening. First and foremost, thanks to the Serbian family who hosted us in their yard, to Santandapist Matan Peretz, to David Daniel who photographed, to the "Four Butchers" company who donated the meat and to the volunteer representatives who help us all year round. We wish the soldiers and the whole house of Israel a kosher and happy Passover!

December 2020 - Lighting a second Hanukkah candle

Towards Shabbat we gathered a small group of soldiers and members of the association to light a second Hanukkah candle, in the yard of the home of the Hai Ben-Israel family, the association's chairman. From the beginning of the Corona plague we were unable to hold events with all the soldiers. In recent months, new soldiers have arrived at the apartments in place of discharged soldiers. There was an exciting meeting of mutual acquaintance with the new and old soldiers, lighting candles, songs and stories for Hanukkah. We also marked the birthdays of the soldiers who also received a birthday present and finished around the tables with rich refreshments. Happy Hanukkah!

March 2020 - Trip to Masada and the Dead Sea area

We went on the bus, soldiers, members of the association and volunteers for a blossoming trip and a visit to the Masada site. We got on the cable car, toured the mountain and got off on foot. On the way we ate breakfast and later lunch prepared by the friends. It was an interesting and beautiful trip.

February 2020 - Evening farewell to soldiers

Alex, Aaron and Jordan are released from their service this month. We hosted a farewell evening in honor of them during which we embraced them with open arms and spent a lovely evening together. During the event, the soldiers received presents as a token of appreciation for their service and to commemorate their release - a clock with the name engraved and the association's emblem.

January 2020 - Values and Zionism for School Students

Elliott, Eli and Aaron, are three Lone soldiers who came from the US and Australia to serve in the IDF. Last Friday, in collaboration with the parents' administration and the Rabin School management in Yavne, the soldiers met with the students. Many of them asked questions and were inspired by the soldiers. This meeting was exciting, and of great value, for both students and the soldiers.

January 2020 - Our paratroopers plunge close to home

Elliott parachuted yesterday with his friends in Palmahim natural reserve. Yossi, a member of the association, was waiting him on the ground with the camera.

December 2019 - Evening of Chanukah candles

Yesterday, the soldiers lit a seventh Hanukkah candle, together with the other soldiers and members of the association, at the home of Zehava and Danny Alcalay. We also celebrated birthdays and said goodbye to Liron who had just been released and left us. We sang Hanukkah and Eretz Israel songs with accordion player Zvika Porat and Yossi Nave who volunteered to rejoice with us. Of course, we enjoyed the company of our friends and plenty of sufganiyot, traditional donuts for the holiday. Happy Hanukkah.

November 2019 - Inauguration of the paratroopers at the Western Wall

Members of the association continue to accompany the soldiers in every significant event, and this time accompanied Eli and Elliott to the swearing-in ceremony of the Paratroop Brigade at the Western Wall. Good luck to all the soldiers.

September 2019 - New Year's Eve Lift

We gathered in the courtyard of the Malka family, which hosted us on a glass of preparation for the New Year. Have fun and a big thank you to the hosts and everyone who contributed to the success of the evening - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

September 2019 - Golani swear by the Wall

Daniel from Canada and Lucca from Los Angeles came to Israel in order to serve in the IDF and joined Golani. Last Thursday, allegiance was sworn to the IDF and the State of Israel. And we, the members of association and second family to these soldiers, were there with them at that exciting ceremony. We all wish you well

August 2019 - Zachary joins the Kfir Brigade

Zachariah came from Canada to serve in the IDF and enlisted in the Kfir Brigade.

August 2019 - Social evening at the association's chairman

In the evening, Tzvia and Hai Ben-Israel (the chairman of the association) hosted the soldiers and members of the association for a social gathering where we welcomed the five new recruits to the fighting divisions - good luck! We also give a huge thanks to the Ben Israel family for their hospitality.

July 2019 - Completion of an initial course at Michve Alon

Members of Yavne embracing Lone Soldiers felt immense pride when they saw six soldiers living in the Yavne association's apartments. Completing an initial course in the Zahal, taken place in the Michve Alon in the north. Elliott, Zachariah, Daniel, Elye and Luka and Kirsten are all new immigrants from the following countries, United States, Canada and Australia. Marching in military order with great pride for being soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces. Members of the association traveled to the northern base with candy and lots of love, and everyone was elated to see the young immigrants fulfilling their dreams and serving the country as united zionists. Next, the troops will be stationed in the various units: some will go paratroopers another to Kfir 669 and Kristen wants to join the Air Force. Wish the soldiers success later on.

February 2019 - House inauguration ceremony for the third apartment - Uriel House

On Friday, February 13, 2019, we inaugurated the third apartment for the soldiers. The apartment was named after Rabbi Uriel Malka, who perished in the fire disaster in Carmel. In his military service, Uriel was a paratrooper. The exciting event was attended by all members of the Malka family, the Chief Rabbi of Yavne - Rabbi David Avihatzira, members of the association, the soldiers in the apartments and many volunteers. The apartment has already been populated with five soldiers who came from abroad to serve in the IDF. The mezuzah was set by the rabbi together with Shiloh-Avraham, the son of the late Uriel.

July 2019 - Tour of Ayalon Institute Museum in Rehovot

Friday we went with the soldiers for a tour of the Ayalon Institute Museum on Rehovot (The underground factory of the Defense to create 9mm bullets during the British Mandate period.) At the end of the tour, a number of soldiers who recently celebrated a birthday received warm greetings from the members of the association.

January 2018 - a fundraising evening for the association

Shortly after the association was established and two apartments were opened - one for the soldiers and the other for the women soldiers, a large fundraising evening was held at the Adia halls in the city of Yavne. The fundraising evening is intended to raise funds for the association for: Need: a. Continued operation of existing homes and support for soldiers. B. Renting additional apartments for additional lone soldiers. The entire evening was built on the volunteer and contribution of: Chef Meir Adoni, who prepared a special tasting meal, the artist Idan Amedi, the confectioners Estella and Carine Goren, Lilach Sapir who invested her time and experience in helping organize and produce the evening. The owners of the Adia halls set up the hall free of charge and helped prepare the evening. Dozens of volunteer cooks and waiters, food and beverage suppliers and many other good people who enlisted for the important cause, had an unforgettable evening attended by about 350 donors. The evening's income allowed the association to operate and expand in another apartment. We thank everyone for their unwavering mobilization and giving for the lone soldiers.

November 2017 - Inauguration ceremony of the first two houses for the lone soldiers

On Friday, November 17, 2017, we gathered in the apartments of the soldiers in the green neighborhood, 11 founders of the association in Yavne, together with members of the Itach and Navon family, the families who lost their sons, and the two apartments will be named after them. The mayor, Zvi Gov Ari and council members, donors and other excited partners. The 2 apartments (one for the soldiers and one for the female soldiers), were furnished and designed with the help of donations, a house inauguration ceremony and the setting of the mezuzah were held and speeches were given by the mayor, Mr. Zvi Gov-Ari, Rabbi David Avihatzira, the association's chairman Hai Ben-Israel , A lone soldier from the apartments.It was an exciting event that took place about two months after the beginning of the occupancy of the apartments and was a significant milestone in the association's activities. The apartments were named after the late Shachar and Zahi.